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    Mar 2006
    Alright, people seem to be quite attached to lemon trees, then.
    Veröffentlich wird jetzt schwarz auf weiß, auf echten Seiten. Infos auf meinem Blog.

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    Johan Guest
    'Lemon Tree' was on GB charts around '70/'71'. I can't find the original text.



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    Jan 2006
    gosh, they meanwhile opened a decent thread in english, that's great, thanks to "woodtree", *smile*

    What shall I say, my english seem to be awfully lausy compared with yours, dear youngsters, as far as I can see.

    But what about writing a poem in english, shall I dare one?

    And here it comes:

    The old man

    Summer had gone and autumn came up
    serving my mind with some moan.
    I sat by the window just nipping a cup
    and lissened to sculpures of stone.

    They whispered a melody never been heared
    my memories traveled the past.
    Then all on a sudden I caught the first word
    and later the rest pretty fast.

    While humming a while with a smile on my face
    I felt into sleep dreaming strange.
    An old man showed up and he showed me an ace
    by murmuring things of revange.

    When I did awake it was Springtime again
    no doubt there were millions of flowers.
    The old man stood there and he knew my complain,
    he turned and said, you are now ours.

    * * *

    Don't know whether or not this poem makes any sence to you, please let me know.

    LG crux

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    Johan Guest
    It does.

    Lemon Tree
    - continued -

    Down by the river
    sat with a shiver
    Captain McFilou,
    pondering on how the world might get anew.
    Finally he found the clue,
    watching a whip flow
    right to Francisco
    without much ado.
    Everyone happy with just one cappy,
    wishing it was you.

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    Jan 2006
    Beissi is back..
    'nd living in california now... so that's the reason why I wasn't here for so long time.

    Maiblumen verwelken...

    Helden halten den Mund.

    Spiegelbild der Welt

    Mein Gedichtebüchlein

    ... it's like I breathe you...

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    Mar 2006
    In meiner Welt
    Hmmm.... I have a question, did somebody see the movie "Sweeney Todd" with Johnny Depp as the Barbour?

    What do you think about that movie?

    Greedings Benny

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    Jul 2007
    Außerhalb deiner Reichweite
    Mh....I would like to see it but I haven't yet xD So well i was in the cinema on Friday...I watched "27 Dresses" . I really liked it I heard "Sweeney Todd" really is good...(how could it be bad with Johnny Depp in it? :P well, bakc to the subject....) So now I want to know too, is it reaaaaaaaally good? *g*

    love you all^^
    Wer isst, kann nicht automatisch kochen. Think about it ^.^

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    Jan 2005


    I decided to contribute a little sth. myself and would like to ask for kindness in possible review attempts.
    Sincerly, Etienne.

    When darkness spreads in silent night
    And thou can't run nor can thou hide

    Awake! Oh sleeping mighty guide
    Else dreaded by the blinding light

    In depth too deep for mind's to be
    Full magic, logic cannot see

    Be fearless now release your mind
    Through feeling be in darkness, night.

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    Johan Guest
    When names are known
    When names are gone
    When shiver still prevails
    I feel you standing there on top
    Your heart in unseen nails

    You never asked me for advice
    You chose your way alone
    Oh dreadful love, oh sacrifice,
    Oh mark on stone and bone

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    Dec 2001
    Ultima Thule
    Hello there, Fellaz! What'z up?
    See you in Tel Aviv

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    Jul 2007
    Außerhalb deiner Reichweite
    Hey hey xD what happened to this poor little thread? almost left alone...really guys! shame on you xD well I wasn't here either... ähhh yes on with the show^^ Did anyone of you see "Achmed-The dead terrorist"? if not: WATCH IT xD it's simply hilarious I think it's from the comedian Jeff Dunham. I love it (: and what did you guys do in the last few months?

    greetings from...MEEEEEEEEEE of course^^
    Wer isst, kann nicht automatisch kochen. Think about it ^.^

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    May 2008
    hey folks,
    how are you?

    to get back to English and movies and so on ... yesterday I watched two episodes of ... sorry, I forgot the name but it sounded like "IT crowd". it was quite fun.

    Well, but I have to admit prefering english books. Since I have read some of the books written by Dan Brown (it is not so difficult to understand ) I really love english books.

    Best regards, maXces

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    Sneaky Guest
    Well maXces,

    Dan Brown is none too difficult and reading allows time to get behind the sense of whats what. It is certainly easier than sitting before the monitor and trying to write a füllerfreies Englisch. Passive skills are shit.



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    Aug 2008
    Yes "Achmed-The dead terrorist" is really great..."silence...i'll kill you" haha
    I also recommend the show to you.
    I like this thread

    Ohne Wort; Eine, zwei keine; Magic Smile

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Leuchten dir die Sterne nicht hell genug? *
    * Dann versuch selbst heller zu leuchten! * *
    * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * *

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    Jul 2007
    Außerhalb deiner Reichweite
    And again it's left alone xD So come on guys^^ let's talk I'm so absolutly tired at the moment because of school and my hobbys. Although if they're real fun, at the end of the week I'm often tired xD but simply when it's evening. All over the day its okay. So it's really funny to go on a party with me on a friday =D I'm almost half asleep if it is near to midnight and although if i don't drink much the day after I can't remember much x) Well, sleeping's a nice thing x) on saturday its absolutly alright again if i get the chance to sleep long...otherwise I'm no fun xD In the early morning I look like a zombie and then I'm in the suitable mood, too =D how about you? Love to sleep long or are you at five o'clock in the morning already jogging or doing other sports? xD come on...TELL US =D

    Wer isst, kann nicht automatisch kochen. Think about it ^.^

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