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  • Alas, my love

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    Duell 11 "Fremdsprachduell"

    Alas, my love

    Alas, my love, if only I could grant to thy request,
    the one thou makest in the smell of lilac.
    But dost thou hear the cry arising from my chest,
    which long'th for my fair lake, so I can ne'er come back?

    'Tis foolish that thou thinkest thou were able
    to keep a drowning body, heavy with its drink,
    from being pull'd to death. O, too unstable
    were those legs of mine to stand but not to sink.

    But - may be - some day thou wilt try to kiss me,
    and breathe thy air into my virgin lung.
    Then newborn eyes and ears can notice thee,
    the day appear'th untouched, for ever young.

    Alas, my love, thou saved my fragile soul!
    Once there were two – but now they've built a whole.

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    Duell 11 "Fremdsprachduell"

    Leaving bond

    Thy body lieest heavy in the lake indeed
    and long ago thy soul lost every guiding thread.
    Within thy orb thou goest astray in maze, un-freed
    of memories, which flatter mothlike through thy head.

    Now see’st, with opal eyes, but soon with widen’d:
    Thou never wert and art that riven weeper
    thou thinkest, I’m with thou and hold thou rident.
    Without me I won’t let thou drown much deeper.

    Let’s breathe a life time unto there’s nought more but death,
    when every shaddow flee'th from new beginning
    and only rosebuds wilt grow out of our breath
    since thou and I, a whole, art ever-winning.

    By leaving bond I take away thy sorrow
    and some time we wilt swim through bloody morrow.

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