when you spread your wings
ride on the feather of your pride
stand side by side
kill your friends with the eyes

stabbed a knife in his back
when he layed down and prayed
killed his wife in the war
when it was wrong what she said

one black sheep in the crowd
will you kill all with a shout?
with a shout that brings back the dead??

you run with the holy book
never take up your head to look
what you do
blind with your leader
blind with your hate
when your kids beat a jew
then it will be too late

when all what you've learned
was to run through the wall
soon it'll be the last crying call
of a middle east mother,
begging for another day
and an oversea father,
with one last word to say:


ok, zum aktuellen thema is das geschrieben.
tut mir leid, aber ich kann meine gefühle nur in englischer sprache ausdrücken, heaven knows why.