Thema: The Shell

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    The Shell

    Weary heart in cotton shell
    you can't explain the words you tell
    and still you did and do alot
    crying tears like mountain rocks.

    Weary heart, what is your goal?
    Trying to claim full control?
    Is it love that you desire
    shouting yours into the wire?

    Weary heart I bet you lie
    one day later you've gone by
    leaving me this weary head
    and broken dreams I can't forget.
    Geändert von Jun'ai Kamiko (13.06.2018 um 06:52 Uhr)
    In der Tiefe ruht die Kraft
    In der Kraft ruht Bewegung
    In Bewegung ruht die Form
    In der Form ruht der Raum
    In dem Raum ruht die Tiefe

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