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    Kamil Guest

    Double your Owl

    machenschaften der NWO

    Ey yo, flip tha dramaticular Vipe

    vs your paradox incoming Elite

    first, you get intha from tha Firms an hidden cam

    ALL YOU DO IS A IM ENDEFFEKTI gettingsburgh´s Media hidden objects in buyfar Shops

    Dan day watch you ala big brother

    use codes and words and put explict o materia in tha internet

    iF YOU LIke kleines braunes etwas, it´s probably a man in tha mirror

    Calles spionage small agenta nannocams

    They spray them everyware in your house of thrones

    on Wall-E and hole in ones.

    But then it´s time 4 tha cause

    They gif youth a handshake you itchy and scratchy yourself

    Anda magical kIngdom calld Rfid Implant is on the body

    then they do blowjobs with your Headphone

    buy probably flewshots

    Them Trig a alot a new beginning

    and täglich grüßt das Murmeltier

    The Hummingway abba Ernest

    Is Neighbours shine ring

    a toch down is afterwords

    the Watcher´s kill

    An American psycho Entertainment system

    They do an NES

    outage and clothes out of you

    Soul Reaver

    and lest we forget

    they Robocop you

    steal and Ray ray your family

    Eatspecial Lee pee pelle deth warner ave contact



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