Look at you.
Finally arrived... empty handed, because you gave it all, to stay alive.

Step forward Girl... into the Light, in everybodies sighting Range.
Tell the World, how to fight... how you've cried and tried to change.

More and more contested... from Destiny we got beaten... got bested.
On long Roads now we're leaving...
with the same Things we believe in... same Air we share, we're breathing.

Your Days are like your Life.
Your Life a raging River.
Some will hurt you... cut like a Knife.
Leave you with Anger... Fear.. can't quit the Shiver.
While Life is never straight, keeps changing the Direction.
Same is the River, but in his calm State,
he will show you who you are...
your true Reflection.

Between all these dark Hours,
right here... in our magical Sphere.
When Time is a dear Treasure...
It's you that I'm bound to,
holding you close to the Ground to...
serve is my pleasure.
Stop you from floating ghostly...
keep you already steady... mostly.

Saw you from a Distance...
within an Instance...
it was so clear to decide...
I'll stand near you... stay by you.
Be Cover, so you can hide.
Be your Light...be a Friend...
and all I want is you... to ascend.
Turn to the very true one.
With Wings so bright...
open minded like no one.
Loved and full of Hope...
growing wise.
So I want you to arise.

Hear me out... it's never to late.
More than proud...
cause I'm your Soulmate.

This is for you, when you feel hollow.
My Heavenly Seven.
Just follow.

You're not alone.
Forever together, we get it done.

There is no End.
Allways something you can do.

Don't give up.
Still Places you need to see.

Trust your Feelings.
Look closer, there's more.

Breathe lady.
Stay patient... no need for Strife

Nobody said it's easy.
Life has no existing Tricks.

I know it...
but you don't show it.
with your Heart... your Soul...
you belong to Heaven.

Stay alive and stay brave.
This is your Life, don't be a Slave.