I've built a kingdom in my mind to neutralize the taste of the torments of my past.
But I'm afraid of loosing myself in this fairy tale too fast.
I rule this land with the foulness of dominance and the chicanery of slavery.
All those to whom I once bowed, shall kneel before my throne,
knowing that their fate is carved in stone.
Laughed at by the crowd, I let them kiss my feet.
They look like beasts of prey, pining for meat.

Only one thought is enough to ignite a firework of emotions so strong,
The only problem there is, it won't last long.
I can feel the pressure escaping out of every pore,
I can't get enough I just want more and more.
I want more and more, until there is no dopamine left in every synaptic cleft.
My teeth are chattering to the beat of my heart.
I hope this storm won't tear me apart.
I like how it feels when sanity dies,
Can you see the sickness of greatness shining through my bloodshot eyes ?

Tell me, why should I give up my reality for yours?
You tried to ground me while the Allmighty crowned me.
Tired of this world, I climbed the stairway to heaven and floated straight over to cloud nine.
Why are they suffering when everything here is fine ?
From up here, y'all look so small. I hope I'm never gonna fall.
With my arms wide open, I'm walking through the streets and letting the blind see who I am.