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    The fountains mingle with the river
    And the rivers with the Ocean,
    The winds of Heaven mix for ever
    With a sweet emotion;
    Nothing in this world is single;
    All spirits by a law divine
    In one spirit meet and mingle.
    Why not I with thine?

    See the mountains kiss high Heaven
    And the waves clasp one another
    No sister-flower would be forgiven
    If it disdained its brother;
    And the sunlight clasps the earth
    And the moonbeams kiss the sea:
    What is all this sweet work worth
    If thou kiss not me?

    for L. who knows why
    I’d like mornings better if they started later.

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    Oct 2001

    I think this is very very beautiful, though it starts to be more difficult to understand for me. It would be very nice, if I could write such things too, cause they sound so much better in english, but some words I've never heard in my life. I would have to look up the real meanings of clasp or mingle, but it's understandable from the context. Well, "disdain" I had to look up.

    Well, it's very very beutiful, I think I'll print it and I'll hang it up in my room. It won't be the only one, cause my walls full of things like this poem, some lines from songtexts, even things from films or tv series...

    Well, it will fit very well, I think.

    So thank you very much,


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