Life is a Hell

I want do die and never rise again
Because the life is hell
And hell is the life

I lived in time of battles
I saw a lot of death
Peace was a dream
And dreams aren`t true

By taking piece of pill
I came to a new life
This life was nice and perfect
Like a sky but rosy

All things were perfect
All people were free
And lived in peace
With all you can see

But after some time
I came back to the hell
That every boy calls life
And every girl calls death

And now I hold a knife
I`m thinking of my dream
Of life
of death
Of rosy sky
of moments in my life
Of changes that could be
And should be

To change the life you need some help
You cannot do this all alone

I cry for help
I cry I cry I cry

But no one want heare me
And no one will heare me
No one want help me
and no one will help me

This LIFE is the HELL
And HELL you cannot change

And I will die
But someone will come back
Who wants to help us
Who will help us

I think you, guy
It was the best you could do
You are my god
You are my friend

And now the life is nice
Like my dream in past
We did, we did ,we did it
I was great

If someone needs my help
Than tell this story
And say him: “You can do it, guy“
Here is my mail

(by thinking about all people died for peace)R.I.P.

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