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    I'm at my mother's!
    In a nice, small room
    with new furniture
    in New York.

    After a long silence
    I finally can talk
    to my mother again.
    But who says
    that I want to?

    My mother
    is very busy.
    My father
    always has time for me.
    My room in New York
    is small and old.
    My room at home
    is large and modern-styled.

    I'm at my mother's!
    In this nice, small room in New York
    the curtains are torn.
    At home
    curtains have been abolished long time ago.

    Worterklärungen: torn= zerissen, abolish= abschaffen
    Sports is life!

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    What went wrong between you and your mother? And why can't you stay at your dad's if this is where you really want to be? I noticed that you still call his place your home.
    sometimes it is very hard to tell whether the story in one's poem is one's own or an imaginary one. I somehow believe this is your own story. if you want to, tell me more.
    love rina

    p.s. welcome to the Gedeichte community!
    I’d like mornings better if they started later.

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