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    Use your fantasy to empower your imagination!
    there will be the days you are watching the cloudy sky
    at night, all dark, stars and the moon hidden by the dust
    this will be the time you filled with impressions of loneliness of sorrow
    when you think of no love surrounding you
    no one holding you and you feel like drowning, like falling, into the endless darkness around you.

    Face the darkness with all your concentration, look sharp, don't stop. Stay fixed on that single point up there in the sky and believe in the power of nature.

    Winds blowing, opening the dust, just a bit with the size of your focus in the eyes.

    And suddenly you feel like you're seeing something far away, then stay fixed, do not get irritated, don't move. Let all your blood flow into your eyes to empower them.

    Stop listening, stay fixed................

    Suddenly you will catch the tiny light,
    blinking, twinkling, shining bright..............

    Now you know its all still there,
    just hidden but with you, anytime and everywhere

    Bless it

    In Search Of Heaven On Earth

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    hi isohoe,

    thanx for mailing me.
    so i read this poem (?)
    it's philosophical, wisely.
    too wisely for something we don't know.
    it's something right in it,
    but i see you still believe in heaven.

    destiny's child

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    Hi fate,
    good to see you being back.

    Of course I believe in heaven, I told you why............

    This story I wrote due to a similar situation I've been in. And its true if you really look you can ssee something.....

    In Search Of Heaven On Earth

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