Ich habe seit 2 Jahren nicht mehr in Englisch geschrieben. Bin für jedliche Kritik offen. (auch für Rechtschreibfehler , oder gerade dafür.

For Tina

Only those, who lost a friend,
know the pain, that love can cause.
Letters, never ment to send.
Poems written by remorse.

Only those, who lost a child,
know the meaning of regret.
Thousand tears, that I have cried.
Memories I can't forget.

Only those, who lost a soul,
know the demons, that I fight.
Saving you was my first goal.
Did you know how hard I tried?

Only those, who lost a love,
know how death steals everything.
Do you see me from above?
Do you hear the angels sing?

Only him, who loved you so
understands my pain, my woe.

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