I don’t know how to carry on,
my life is senseless since you’re gone.
How could you leave me here this way?
When all I do is wait and pray
that you’d come back into my arms
to kiss my wounds, erase my harms,
to hold me like you used to do
‘cause everything I want is you.

I sit around and count the days,
outside there’s sunshine, snow and rain.
But I can only see your face,
nothing else matters in this place.
I couldn’t find the words to say,
now I regret it day by day
that you don’t know ‘bout how I feel
although my love is true and real.

Have you just been to blind to see
that you meant everything to me?
But now, I guess, it is too late
for me and you – that’s not our fate!
And desperately I had to see
that you’re not satisfied with me.
How could you ever hurt me so?
You’re not the man I used to know!

Why can’t you tell me you are mine
for now and then and all the time?
Why can’t you tell me you’re in love
with me? How can you have enough?
I know my life might still go on
- somehow – although you now are gone,
although you left me for that girl
and without telling me a word.

I know my life’s not over yet
although my pillow might be wet,
my days so dark, my nights so blue.
You’re right - I’m still in love with you!
I can’t stop to repeat your name.
Why did you have to play this game?
The games I play are made for two,
the games you play are just for you.

I’m feeling like a little girl,
embarrassed and naïve as well.
Believed in everything you said,
just didn’t want to make you mad.
Did everything you told me to,
this was the only love you knew.
Too bad that I was not enough,
although I gave you all my love.

I’ve learnt to take you as you are,
although the way was very far
and I’ve forgiven your mistake
to give you one more chance to take.
Don’t want to be your enemy,
right now I just want you to see
how many sleepless nights you’ve caused
and that my jealousy’s not paused.

But if you need me anywhere,
you can rely on me – I’m there!
And if you ever need a friend
I’d listen to you ‘till the end.
I’d be the one to dry your tears
and to protect you from your fears.
I’ll be your shelter from the rain,
be by your side in joy and pain.

The only thing I want to know
is why you had to hurt me so.
I gave you everything I had
but all you did, is make me sad.
I don’t know how to carry on,
my life is senseless since you’re gone.
I had the best time of my life
just when I thought that you were mine.