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    From a poet to a laddie

    This night seems like an ocean
    With water, dark but clear
    Some may dare to jump and swim
    But every breath is filled with fear

    For there are shadows underneath
    Whispering in the swimmer’s ear
    Reaching out translucent hands
    And grabbing everyone who’s near

    So, on your journey through this night
    Keep your wits and mind your rear
    Ignore their cries, their mourns and howls
    And never ‘gain drink that much beer!
    Ein Mensch schaut in der Straßenbahn
    der Reihe nach die Menschen an.
    Jäh ist er zum Verzicht bereit
    auf jede Art Unsterblichkeit.
    Eugen Roth

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    May 2005
    Hi poet,

    thanks for your nicely construed lines (which remind me a bit of Roberts Burns' romanticism). There's just one line that, in my view, could be mended: "ocean/ With water" is just a bit too tautological. Clearly, I'm missing tension here. Apart from that I think your poem will go quite well with readers.

    Cheers says
    'lad of pairts' freewaythor

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    Hi, Grapy, that's a nice one! Swift and sweet warning on a serious subject.

    Reflecting the contents, my laughter? No. Grin? Maybe. Smile? Yes, for sure - emphatic.

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