Thema: His Side

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    Have you listen to yourself talk?
    It’s so ridiculous how you go on and walk
    Away without saying a word you left my home
    I’m not going to call you, or even answer the phone
    The way you aggressivley shout
    Encourages the effect that I’m too proud
    To come over and tell you the truth
    So I will ignore you to be smooth
    But it’s no need
    When I know where it’s going to lead

    Be sure I try
    To swallow the sorrow
    I lost you because I was high
    It was my fault I guess
    You kissed him and left down a mess
    The only reason I can bite myself for
    Is the fact that I’m in love with an whore
    You know I can’t deal with this state
    I’m trapped cause I can’t trust my mates
    Thinking `bout what is harder to take
    It’ll follow me with every move I surely make
    In the next time I’m forced to be alone
    Apathetically looking to our pictures at my home
    Wishing you and they would be there
    Or anybody else who truly cares
    Imprisoned in my room
    Hoping the life I once owned would come back soon

    I took all I got and all I had into this
    Look what is was worth for you who just kissed
    Is it love when it hurts like that
    I receive only hate and it’s driving me mad
    My intentions were good
    And I thought yours were just like they should
    Guess I thought wrong again
    As usually I’m not the one to blame
    But I am, everytime you talk with your best
    Reason enough that my heart stopped beating in my chest
    You and me are an enormous drag
    Unfortunalety that won’t keep me playing your personal lag

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    Jan 2003
    An der Elbe
    Kurz und bündig: Schreib lieber auf deutsch, deine Englischkenntnisse reichen ehrlich gesagt nicht aus.
    Das hier ist meine Signatur und ich bin stolz darauf.

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