such a small cute word.
only three letters.
spoken very fast and easily.
but the pain it brings with it.
so many people suffer and die.
man kills man.
in fact weapons kill man, controlled by man.
from day to day the weapons become worse.
today it's a gun, tomorrow a bomb and next week a disaese.
what will be next month?
albert einstein said once:"i don't know what kind of weapons will be fought with in the third world war. but the fourth will be fought with sticks and stones..."
a sentence that bears a lot of thruth in it.
man will destroy eachother completely in the third world war.
because they can.
because they want to.
war just exists because every man fights a war against himself.
the easiest way to end a war is to lose it.
but nobody wants to be a loser.
at least the rich ones; goverments and economic bosses.
i think they really need wars.
it's probably the only ecxiting thing in their life.
and it is the only thing they can do, except to know how to invest their money.
they have no idea how to handle women, other people and all this stuff.
i think they can't even cook.
they can't lose in a war. it's just the normal man and his family who loses.
but imagine a there's a war and nobody goes there...
wars, fought above our heads, our souls, our lifes.
we don't decide to fight, we're not in a position high enouh.
but who is?
do you belive in god?
i've always heard god represents "goog".
wher's the eexplanation for that?
if we do what he wants us to do?!
does god want us to kill eachother?
or does he just wanna get rid of thousands of people?
either he changed his opinion about humans or the devil is riding us.
probably he does.
who knows.
who cares?
what war is all about in one sentense: which nation can hurt an other one, or better, all the other ones the most?
i guess it's not about to win or to lose.
it's about who stays tuff till the bitter end.
and money.
now a days everything is about money.
as sad as it might sound but tribes have been killed to get money.
it doesn't have to be a lot.
just some dirty, old, bloody coins.
we haven't got a chance to escape war, but we'll take it...

i'm sorry for the spelling mistakes. happens.
greetings from canada.