Thema: Sweet Death

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    I feel odious
    Senseless to cry
    Envy the deads
    Hopeless yearning
    Sick of myself
    I'm lifeless

    Tired of being lonely
    No fun
    Gotta turn and run away
    Don't wanna know something
    Friends change into fiends
    All hope is gone

    Tried to find help
    Tears were coming
    Time stands still
    Walk in circles

    I feel odious
    Senseless to cry
    Envy the deads
    Hopeless yearning
    Sick of myself
    I'm lifeless

    The sadness comes as the sun sets
    Screams which aren't loud enough
    Bitter tears - invisible
    People don't open their eyes
    I should have been more wise
    Feel like I'm nothing

    Futile to make up my mind
    Does anyone know
    How to listen
    Close my eyes
    And begin
    To fantasize

    I feel odious
    Senseless to cry
    Envy the deads
    Hopeless yearning
    Sick of myself
    I'm lifeless

    I'm sick by making up my mind
    Thinking about my fault
    Were I spreading lies
    Did I hurt them
    I don't know
    I'm so confused

    Every time I tried to kiss their feet
    To do what they want
    This is not the way
    My life has to be
    Loud screams
    Not loud enough

    My thoughts stuck in pain and hate
    Bad at me
    Gotta die - take a pistol
    Ebon eyes which are crying
    My eyes
    One last breath
    And the soul is flying away

    So, this is not really a's a song i have written one month ago...and i just wanna know what ya think bout the lyrics...plz tell me...

    baba stoffl

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    woah, if you have many poems ready to post, then please just open one thread with all of them in it. it would be far more nitide...

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    Hey verlier nicht deine Hoffnung...irgendwo da draußen ist jemand der genauso denkt und fühlt wie Du und der dein bester Freund werden lange wie Du ihn noch nicht gefunden hast mußt Du halt sehen daß Du oben bleibst denk ich auch und bestreite jeden Tag egal wie mies alles läuft egal wie oft ich feststelle daß ich fast niemand liebe und alles sich zu ner Enttäuschung manifestiert...
    try to be brave daß ist das was ich mir immer sage und daß soltest Du Dir auch immer sagen try to be brave and do your thing find solutions and don´t hang around and cry yourself to death ...

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