I'm lying here and i'm watching the stars
No noise, no voice, no birds, no cars
Everything seems to be peaceful and quite
It semms that my love is more than a riot

I don't know how to describe!
Is it a feeling or is it just hype?
Or is it more than a feeling for me?
I think that is my live - philosophie

But while watching the stars an the night
I think that i lost it, like the day lost the light
But then I think that it can't be true
Those thoughts are still getting me blue

There is only one real love in your live
You want to get this girl to your wife
What if she doesn't agree with that?
And what if you don't get this in your head?

Do you know what i try to explain
When your tears are falling like rain?
When your girl appears to be a star
So beautiful but also so far.

It's like a quite and peaceful night
And I know that my feeling are more than right
Impossible to reach the star
I'm lying there and my girl is so far.

It doesn't make sense to think about this
I just want from you a deadly little kiss
But, NO! Don't do this - it isn't right
I don't wanna feel always this night

I just want you and your silly love
And don't get to the heaven above
This is just one of my emotional wars
I'm lying here and watching the stars

Written by AC ... 13.09.2002
dedicated to my Love...

Ich weiß es ist nicht besonders gut aber trotzdem will ich eure meinung.
So noch an die Love (*g* die Person hoffe ich weiß jetzt das ich sie mein): Das Gedicht ist nicht schön aber mit viel Emotionen geschrieben. Deswegen möchte ich es dir widmen (meiner muse*ggg*).