hey,ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mir eure Meinungen zu diesem Gedicht schreiben könntet...

Tears will never die

I'm sitting here ,alone,
thinking of you again
and writing these words:

Have you ever wondered what hurts the most?
Is it love?
is it pain?
is it a vision?

I feel it all the time...it's crawling under my skin
and now I know what hurts the most!
It's your love!
Your pain!
Your hate!

Your voice is torturing me,
your eyes are killing me,
your poison is running through my body!
I can't resist it!

Everytime I think of you,
it feels like somebody ripped out my heart
and tramples on it over and over!
Please,tell me: Will this pain end on day?
Why does it hurt so much?

It seems like an endless fight...cruely and cold-blooded,
...why are you doing this to me?
Is it a joke or is it your destiny?
What's your aim?

You're destroying me!Do you recognize it?
Do you recognize ME?

Once I loved you! I hated you! I need you!
Al´l this tears I've cried for you,
they are killing me inside!
I can't take this anymore...can't sleep anymore,
You are killing me!!!

You're my tear because I know you!
Your're my tear because you know me!
Your're my tear because I believed in you!
Did you believed in me?
I never thought that tears could hurt so much!
And they will never die!

I wish I could hate you!
You left me here,
I'm all alone.
There's nothing more to say,
everything seems so dead and senseless!

They told me I should forget you
but they didn't tell me how!
You're the only person who could stop this pain,
who could help me out of this darkness, out of this hell!!!

Why do you play with my broken heart?
Is it fun to you? Does it make you laugh?
I don't know if there's one more chance left,
but please:...try to save me!
Take my soul, but please: let me go !!!