little child
It’s another crying
It’s another screaming
In the world full of dreams
It’s like a bad ballade,
It’s more than only sad.
Just be there
Just be here,
Child, don’t fear!
Is it only the tear,
Which is rollin’ down your skin?
Is it more
Than only a score?
You said: I’m always with you, true!
I wanna wake up!
Is there anywhere only a bit luck?
It can’t go on
I didn’t win!
Who’s there?
I’ve tried- nobody cares!
So keep it down!
But how?
So –wow- I don’t know,
Never know me ever!
That’s it, a bit:
I can’t
The end – For you, little child!


Den Text hab ich irgendwann dieses Jahr mal geschrieben.
Mich würd interessieren, was ihr dazu sagt!?